Fact # 116
The largest fish is the whale shark - it can be over 50 feet long and weigh 2 tons.

(Notes from Mrs. Feldman: April 20 - Boys, you need to write below the actual sources of your information. is but a Search Engine. The link must have taken you to another site. Please find out which site and discuss why that particular site is trustworthy. Which "wiki" did you use? Did you use wikipedia? If so, please also write about why you thought that wikipedia is reliable. You still have A LOT of work to do.)

Size: 18 to 32.8 ft (5.5 to 10 m)

Weight: Average, 20.6 tons (18.7 tonnes)

Our resources were National Geographics. It is a reliable source because only people who are from National Geographics could update the websites whereas wiki or could be updated by anyone.

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