Austin Sam Tareq

Real fact #153
The speed limit in NYC was 8 mph. in 1895
False!! It was 9 miles per hour prior to 1898.

* Title of Web Site:
* Title of Web Page: Facts of Life in Greater New York
* Author/Editor/Company/Organization Name: NYC Goverment
* Web Site Address (URL):
* Created or Last Updated Date (Copyright Date): 2008 the City of New York
* Date of Access: 2-21-08

You found a reliable source! I only wonder if the speed limit was changed between 1895 and 1898. How would we verify that? - RHF, 2/22/08

What kind of sources will have this type of information? A history of New York City book or website? — RHF

Real Fact #167
You have to play ping-pong for 12 hours to lose one pound
It is true!

This is such a fun fact to figure out. First, check out the Health and Fitness database linked on the MS Library's webpage. If you can figure out how many calories burned equals to a pound, you probably can find other sources to figure out whether this fact is correct. — RHF, 2/22/08

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