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Real Fact#113 The fasted recorded speed of a racehorse was over 43 miles per hour.

The 43mph record is by an ordinary horse averaged over 2 furlongs. This is true.The Racehorse can reach speeds of 45mph during a sprint race,with the jockey.

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This is how we found out our resourses: We searched our topic on google. We searched What is the fastest race horse? Then to find out if our source was reliable was by check he about the author page to see if they had a degree in that topic or something like that.--

Which organizations would have this kind of information? Horse racing is a sport. Do you think a Sports site might have information? Or, what about a site about animals? Who usually writes about animals? I also found out from other people's researches that American Quarter Horses seem to run even faster and they count as racehorses, too. So, do a search on them as well. — 2/29/08 — RHF

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