Bevan Janelle Aisling

Snapple Real Fact #113
The fastest record speed of a racehorse was over 43 mph.
American quarter horse,has been clocked at speeds approaching 55 mph.

We tried to find out the fastest speed but there were many different answers. We found it being 55mph and 43. We also found 37, 26,32, and many more mph. It was very hard to find.

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This is interesting: according to the American Quarter Horse Association's official website, they mention the "thrill of "speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour" — and no mentioning of 55 mph. Do you think that wikipedia is more reliable or the official site for the association? I'd challenge you to continue searching — try using a simple combination of search terms of racehorse speed and see what you can discover. And according to another page: , it seems that 43 is quite a bit faster than the highest mph recorded. — 2/27/08, RHF

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