Eloise Phoebe Nora

Real fact #113
The fastest recorded speed of a racehorse was over 43 mph.

We could not find any information today. We hope to find some next time. Bye bye!

Today we were lucky! We found a couple different sites that each had different speeds for the fastest racehorse.
The first link had nothing whatsoever about racehorses.
The second link said that the fastest racehorse speed was 43 mph. Which is the same as the snapple real fact. The site looked very reliable because it had lots of info about lots of different kinds of animals.
We could not get into the third link because it would not load.
The fourth link said that the fastest racehorse was nearly 50 mph. This link seemed a little reliable but not as reliable as the second link. It looked like a joke section which is not bad but looked as if it was made by kids who did not maybe do the research.

So the most reliable link said that the fastest racehorse recorded speed was 43 mph. Which is the same answer as the snapple real fact. We hope you enjoy our discoveries!

This information was hard to get. The first day we did not get any information. Today [the second day] we worked hard and the hard work paid off. We got lots of information and we have busted this snapple fact. Bye bye!

This seems a little hard to find — you'd think that something like a racehorse record should not be hidden from the world! How about using a search engine, such as google.com and type racehorse speed and see if you can discover a reliable site, such as a zoo or animals page? — RHF

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