Emma Olivia Emmanuelle

Snapple Fact #167
You must play ping-pong for twelve hours to lose one pound.

On February 20 we can't find any information to prove it right or wrong yet.

On February 26, we found that there are 3,500 calories in one pound. This info is from
from this we found out that the average male weighing 135 pounds, is 65 inches, and is 35 years old could lose slightly over a pound. In conclusion it all depends on your height, weight, and age.
We found this information from http://www.fitday.com/webfit/exerciseinfopage.html. It is a whole different story when we are talking about females. We half busted the snapple fact!

On March 4, we are discribing how we half busted our fact.

We found that diet and wellness sites are more effective than ping-pong sites. We found it was a lot easier to find how many calories one burns in an hour than pounds. Once we found out how many calories are in one pound we half busted the snapple fact #167.

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