Emma Tyler Marnie

Fact #167.
You have to play ping-pong for 12 hours to loose one pound.

On Febuary 22 2008, we went to Health and Wellness resources and Diet bites and haven't proved it true or not. From http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/burned/calories_burned_Table_tennis_ping_pong.html
if you are a male, 28 years old, 80 inches tall and 230 pounds you loose 3,492 calories.That it 8 calories away from a pound. If you are a male, 27 years old, 80 inches tall and 230 pounds you loose 3,504 calories. That is a pound and 4 calories. From http://www.dietbites.com/diet-pound.html we found that 3,500 calories equals a pound.
We used google to find the websites here:
For the Online Database Article

* Diet Bites

* Calories- How many calories equals a pound

* Diet Bites

* http://www.dietbites.com/diet-pound.html

* Name of Institution that subscribes to the Database

* Date of Publication/Update

* February, 22 2008

For the web page:

* Fit Day

* How many calories do you burn during Table tennis, ping pong?

* Author/Editor/Company/Organization Name

* http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/burned/calories_burned_Table_tennis_ping_pong.html

* Created or Last Updated Date (Copyright Date)

* February 26, 2008

We took a look at many different websites but the ones above helped us the most.

Good work so far. You will need to record your reference sources now. I'm including two forms for you to fill in the information above. You need to write down how/where you found out about how many calories equal one pound; and then you need to have the information about the website that lets people calculate their calories burning rate. — RHF, 2/22/08

You are doing really well — keep it up. You need to enter the Title of Web Site, Title of Web Page and all those other pieces of information for your record keeping. — RHF

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