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Fact #18

A Jellyfish is 95% water.

This is False.
Jellyfish Are made of 99% Water.

Title of the Database: Britannica
Title of the Article: Jellyfish
Author/Editor/Company Name: Douglas Faulkner
Web Address (URL):
Name of Institution that subscribes to the Database: Dalton
Date of Publication/Update: 2008
Access Date: 2/21/08 2:59pm

Where did you find this information? We need documentation. Did you find this in a book? On a website that is reliable and trustworthy or from an Encyclopedia. I recommend that you check out Encyclopedia Britannica from the MS Library's page and verify the information there. — RHF

Fact #167

You have to play ping pong for 12 hours to lose one pound.
It is so hard to find this questions answer. If you know anything about this, please edit this page. Thank You

This is a fun fact to research. I suggest that you figure out first how many calories equal one pound of weight loss. Then, do a search on how many calories one can lose by playing ping pong for an hour. Then, you'll need to do some math. — 2/29/08 - RHF

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