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Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and and set on the Atlantic

Yes, because the sunrises in the east where the Alantic ocean is and sets in the west where the Pacific is.
found in maps 101

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NEW COMMENT: First off, the fact states that the sun rises on the Pacific Ocean (EAST) and sets on the Atlantic Ocean (WEST) — so, take another look at the Maps101 site and check the image again! Also, try searching panama geography on google and see if you can find a site that actually tells you where in Panama one can see the sunrise from the Pacific ocean. You need to record your findings.
— RHF, 2/27/08

So, first thing you need to know is to find a map of the World and also Panama. If you can see that Panama is the only place where to the east of it is the Pacific Ocean and the west of it is the Atlantic ocean, then, this would be a correct fact. Remember Maps 101 on the Middle School Library's website - 4th grade resources? — RHF

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