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Hawaii is the only state in America that grows coffee.


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Hawaii Facts and Trivia

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Pike Street Industries, Inc

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Aloha State

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Hawaii Coffee Association

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**We think that Hawaiicoffeeassoc.org is more reliable then 50states.com because Hawaiicoffeeassoc.org is the actual association that grows coffee in Hawaii and 50states.com is also reliable but not as reliable.

**We googled "Hawaii is the only State that grows coffee" we got 50states.com and then Ms. Feldman told us to try Hawaiicoffeeassoc.org and we got the same answer. **

Great job finding the straight answer. Please state if the Snapple Real Fact is true. (I know it is, but you didn't write on your paragraph right below the fact entry.) Now, how do we know that this is indeed accurate information? What makes you think that 50states.com is a trustworthy site? Compare the information with this one I found http://www.hawaiicoffeeassoc.org/state.htm: which do you think have more credibility? The information might be the same, but which site will lend your finding more "authority"? — RHF

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