Kaye Rachel


The fastest recorded speed of is racehorse was over 43 mph.

We found on a website called: http://www.theultimatehorsesite.com/info/farandfast.html and found that the fastest recorded record of a racehorse is 26 mile per hour. WOW!!!!! Hope Snapple facts see this!!!! They need to do more reaserch because a horse can't go that fast. Hahahahah! Nananan!

Dear Rachel, Sorry that you didn't have your partner today to work with!!! Like we discussed, to use the Snapple.com's own website to say that the fact we found under the cap is true is not how we would verify the validity of a statement. You will need to do a lot more research on this topic. I gave you a note on how to go about starting your research and am now pasting the note again here: So, what kind of organization or website or books would have information about horses and especially racehorses? Also, there are "records" books available in the library such as Top-10 Of Everything and World Almanacs. Also, maybe a web site that offers very good information about animals? Like from a zoo? Think about WHO/WHAT organization would keep records like this. — RHF, 2/22/08

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