Real Fact 114
The oldest known animal was the tortoise which lived to be 152 years old.

(Notes from Mrs. Feldman: Ok, boys, you STILL need to record ALL those sources you found your information on. So, today, 4/7/2009, your JOB is to go back and find those pages and record the addresses of all the pages. Do not move on to the next fact until this is DONE!

Nice investigation so far — but, you forgot to include the addresses of the sources! The Snapple site that you mentioned is actually a Snapple Real facts page on Wikipedia, right? Make sure you include correct information on the sources!)

THIS WAS BUSTED!!!!!!! We found a range age of 100-255 years old. Also the Snapple web site said that it is not true. One of the websites we went to was Animal planet.


Fact 15 all porcupines float in water.

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