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Fact # 109
Smelling apples and/or bananas can help you lose weight

by Jennifer Doerr
This is true. in one study of 3,193 people (84 percent of them women), participants were told to sniff green apple, banana or peppermint scents when food cravings struck. "They averaged a 2.1 percent reduction in body mass, or a 5-pound weight loss per month -30 pounds during the six-month study," Hirsch says. "Smelling something good tricks your brain into thinking you've eaten it," he explains. "What works best is the smell of the food you like best."
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fact #111 :Only male turkeys gobble

Only male turkeys gobble and they do so because they want to attract hens for mating purposes. Males will also gobble at loud noises such as thunder, owl hoots, coyote howls or crow calls: however, no one is sure why they do this.

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