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Snapple Real Fact #109

Smelling bananas and/or apples can help you lose weight.

"The aroma triggers signals in the brain's satiety center," explains study author Alan Hirsch, M.D. "This fools your brain into sending the message that you're full, without the extra calories."

"As the founder and neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Dr. Hirsch specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of many smell- and taste-related disorders." -

* Web Site Title: Thin and Healthy

* Web Page Title: Weight Management Nuggets

* Web Address:

* We don't know when this site was created.

* We visited it on February 21, 2008 12:33pm

We believe this fact is true. We cannot be 100% sure but all the research we did seems true. All the websites we looked at said it was true, too.

Good job so far! Still, if you can write a paragraph showing whether you think this "real fact" is real and why or why not? Is there a way for us to find a copy of the report of that "study"? When was it conducted and by whom? Is there any reason why this "study result" might be questionable? — RHF, 2/22/08

Who created these websites? Can you tell? How reliable do you think the "authors" are and why? Are there "about us" kind of link to tell you why they published the website? What is the "research study" that they included on their site and can you tell whether that is a well-respected, reliable research? (Can you find this research referenced by many reliable institutions or experts on line?) — RHF

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