Natalie Charlotte Isabel

"Real Fact" #111
Only male turkeys gobble.

February 20,2008 we can not find anything yet.

* Title of the Database: Student Resource Center

* Title of the Article: Turkeys

* Author/Editor/Company Name:Bill Freedman

* Web Address (URL):

* Name of Institution that subscribes to the Database: The Dalton School

* Date of Publication/Update:2004

* Access Date: February 26, 2008
Our Snapple fact we had to crack was #111 "Only male turkeys gobble." We found on lots of websites that say male turkeys gobble but none of them said that only male turkeys gobble or anything about female turkeys. So, we decided that only male turkeys do gobble.

This fact might be verifiable if you just do a general web search using a search engine such as google. Make sure you choose a website that is reliable — if you can't figure out who or what organization is responsible for the content of the site, then move on to another site until you are certain that the information is from an expert or a trustworthy person/organization. — RHF

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