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Real fact # 133: Honeybees navigate by using the sun as a compass

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Honeybees use the sun as their primary navigation compass. Their vision is of such low resolution that they are unable to resolve the sun's disk. They can, however, see a bright area in the sky and this is sufficient for them to orientate themselves. They are also able to account for the movement of the sun by using their internal clocks. This means that on returning from a foraging run the angle of the return flight path relative to the sun will be different to the angle of the outward flight path. The amount by which the flight angle is adjusted depends on the time spent foraging between the outward and return flights. The flight path adjustment calculation is not hard coded into the bee's brain. Instead, the direction and speed of the sun's movement is learnt during a young bee's early training flights. This means that bees from the same hive can be reared in different hemispheres and each will learn to navigate accurately, despite the fact that the sun moves in different directions in different hemispheres.

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