Recording Resources

In order to show that we have found our information from reliable sources, we will always try to record our reference materials. For each different kind of reference material we find our information from, we will need to know who is responsible for the information and how others can find the exact information if they want to check for more information or for errors.

Web Pages

  • Title of Web Site
  • Title of Web Page
  • Author/Editor/Company/Organization Name
  • Web Site Address (URL)
  • Created or Last Updated Date (Copyright Date)
  • Date of Access


  • Author/Editor/Company Name
  • Title of the Book
  • City of Publication
  • Publisher Name
  • Publication Date (Copyright Date)

Online Database Articles

  • Title of the Database
  • Title of the Article
  • Author/Editor/Company Name
  • Web Address (URL)
  • Name of Institution that subscribes to the Database
  • Date of Publication/Update
  • Access Date

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Title of the Encyclopedia
  • Title of the Article
  • Author of the Article
  • Author/Editor/Company of the Encyclopedia
  • City of Publisher, Publisher Name
  • Publication / Copyright Date
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