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Real fact #113
The fastest recorded speed of a race horse was over 43 MPH
Posted September 25th, 2007
by anonyomous
What is the Fastest Animal on Earth
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I took a look at your link. It says the information is provided by "anonymous" so there is no way for us to verify whether that is the correct information. And if the speed was recorded as around 50 MPH, it is "over 43, isn't it? Does that make the Snapple "Real Fact #113" true or false? I'd recommend you to do a google search and pick out sites that seem reliable (zoo sites, government organization sites, etc.) from the results page and see if those lead you to good and trustworthy information. — RHF, 2/22/08

Hey. You still did not find a site that offers information with a reliable expert angle. I did a quick web search on racehorse speed and found an article which referenced this page:
What do you think? — RHF

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