"Real fact" #329
The world's first escalator was built in Coney Island, NY in 1896.

(Notes from Mrs. Feldman: - April 20th — You STILL need to summarize what is on the page that you found. Go back to the News Day page, read it, and summarize the article in 2-3 sentences. Please also tell the readers who wrote the article. Then, you need to state WHY you thought this information is reliable.)

The process of this exercise was:

*1 we started by getting our Snapple fact.

*2 we then looked up if it was a real fact or not and our results varied.

*3 Then we started going to Google and we found this site

1896: First Escalator is Coney Island Ride

In 1891, Jesse Reno patented a moving stairway – actually a moving ramp – that was known as the "inclined elevator." In 1896, Reno installed his version of an escalator at the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island. The amusement park ride, which transported riders on a conveyor belt built at a 25-degree angle, was considered a novelty by the 75,000 people who rode it during its two-week Coney Island exhibition. Another inventor, Charles D. Seeberger, developed a moving stairway with wooden steps. Both were displayed at an international exhibition in Paris in 1900, where the word "escalator" was coined. The Otis Elevator Company bought both patents, ultimately merging the two designs to create the escalator that is commonly used today. An early escalator is shown here in an 1899 photo.

This is a reliable source that helped us find out that the first escalator was made in 1896 like wrote in the paragraph above. Below is a picture of the escalator that was the first one ever made.

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