Uriel and Tulani

Real fact #176
The First bike was called a hobbyhorse.

Wrong! it was called a draisine or DANDY-HORSE English.

First called this by a man named Baron Draisine

A Draisine is in the French language.

*Title of Database Oxford English Dictionary.

* Title of the Article Draisine.

* Author/Editor/Company Name

* Web Address (URL) //dictionary.oed.com

* Name of Institution that subscribes to the Database

* Date of Publication/Update We do not know when the last update was.

* Access Date We think at 1989.

We asked a question on Google, and it gave us a few answers. This is that question: " What was the first bike called?"
We soon found out from a number of sites that it was called a Célérifère. We found out
from a number of different sights that it was called a Draisine or Dandy-Horse in English. See you on our next Snapple Real Fact Buster.

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