William Harry Andrew

Real fact #111
Only male turkeys gobble.

Male turkeys, also called "Tom Turkeys" or "Gobblers" puff up their bodies and spread their tail feathers (just like a peacock).

They grunt, make a "gobble gobble sound" and strut about shaking their feathers. We found this information on 2-22-08

* Title of Web Site:Kidzone

* Title of Web Page:Tom Turkey's Tale of a Tail

* Author/Editor/Company/Organization Name:KidZone.ws Bibliography
* Web Site Address (URL):http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/turkey.htm

* Created or Last Updated Date (Copyright Date):2-26-08

* Date of Access:2-22-08

The reason we think that this site is true because it gives us all the info about who wrote this,what company they work for and when the page we found are information on was updated.

Good sleuthing. I looked at the website and saw that in the Bibliography page that they seem to have a lot of reliable sources for the information they provide on the page. Since there is no author to this page, you will just use KidZone as an author, then. Get rid of the "Bibliography" part. The copyright date probably is not 2/26/08. All the rest looks good. — RHF

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